What is Palette?

PALETTE® (Progressive Aesthetic Learning Essential to Technical Expertise) is an innovative educational program on nonsurgical facial rejuvenation that provides a continuum of learning opportunities and hands-on instruction for clinicians with any level of experience.

Hands-on workshops are part of the PALETTE educational initiative. Each hands-on workshop will provide physicians and other healthcare professionals with an intensive immersion into the art and science of facial aesthetics.

Please don't forget!

Bring your model and your FDA-approved, injectable agents (obtained from a valid US distributor) to learn advanced injection techniques from the experts in facial aesthetics

These small, hands-on CME Workshops will allow for individualized instruction based upon the experience and needs of each student.

Join our faculty LIVE with online, interactive, CME courses in real-time. With expert mentoring on improving injection techniques, live demonstrations and Q&A sessions, PALETTE Workshops are now on our live streaming platform.
Specialty Focus Workshop:
Rejuvenating the Older Lip
>1 years’ experience

Program Description:
Well defined and full lips are a hallmark of attractiveness and beauty. Facial aging is accompanied by changes in the perioral area leading to wrinkles, folds, and loss of contour and volume of the lips. This becomes more pronounced in subjects over the age of 55. This workshop will focus on injection techniques of HA fillers and neurotoxin, tailored to the needs of more mature lips.

Program Format:

30 minutes
Welcome and Registration
60 minutes
Expert Assessment and Treatment Demonstration
180 minutes
Hands-on Instruction With the Experts

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of the program, participants will be better able to:

  • Interpret principles of facial anatomy and physiology, including gender- and ethnic-relevant differences and the effects of aging, in order to assess the need for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation
  • Perform comprehensive and individualized patient assessment and manage expectations – in the context of relevant cultural and gender aesthetic considerations − in order to improve patient satisfaction
  • Interpret areas of muscle activity and facial volume deficits as they contribute to aesthetic appearance, in order to properly target injection sites
  • Demonstrate injection techniques for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, in order to assure the most beneficial product placement
  • Improve injection skills, in order to optimize patient outcomes
  • Incorporate strategies for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation in younger patients, in order to optimize the quality of outcomes over time
  • Recognize the normal and atypical anatomical positions of critical vascular and neurologic structures within the face, in order to assure patient safety and avoid/minimize treatment complications

Who Should Attend:

Experienced clinicians who are interested in refining their injection technique for the older lip.

Hands-On Injection Training Workshop Requirements:

Attendees will have the option to participate or observe during the hands-on training. If you are planning to participate, you must provide the following on-site:

  • One model (Please ask your model to arrive 1-hour after start of the program)
  • FDA-approved injectable products (obtained from a valid U.S. distributor) and medical supplies (List available under the FAQ tab)
  • A valid medical license (for the state in which the program takes place)
  • Supervisory Physician Approval Form (If you are a nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant attending without an attending physician)
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you do not provide us with these Mandatory Documents, you will not be able to participate in the workshop.

Injectable Product Requirements:

This is a CME-certified meeting, planned and implemented completely independent from the commercial supporter. To ensure that the integrity of this CME-certified program remains intact, please be informed:

        • Attendees approved to inject at hands-on workshop are responsible for bringing their own product(s).
        • Please note: You must bring FDA-approved injectable products (obtained from a valid U.S. distributor) only. You will not be able to inject in the hands-on session if your injectable products are not United States, FDA-approved.
        • Neither Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center, nor their joint provider Scientiae, is permitted to offer guidance on how or where to obtain product(s).

Treatment Areas/Techniques May Include:

Lip volumization, defining the vermilion border, Cupid’s bow and philtral columns; vertical lip lines, marionette lines, oral commissures, DAO and correcting asymmetry.

Level I - Toxins

< 1 year's experience

Botulinum toxin injection is the #1 aesthetic procedure in the United States. It is the most the popular non-surgical procedure for women and men. This 4-hour introductory workshop will provide insight and instruction on the uses for neuromodulators for the upper and lower face along with expert mentoring on injection technique.

Curriculum will include: overview of facial anatomy, differentiating toxins – dosage strength, reconstitution, review of complications, and management of patient expectations.


Level I - Fillers

< 1 year's experience

These workshops will provide practical instruction on the use of HA dermal fillers in the mid to lower face along with expert mentoring on injection technique.

Curriculum will include: overview of facial anatomy, differentiating HA dermal fillers, review and management of complications and understanding patient treatment goals.


Level II

1 - 3 years' experience

Education for clinicians with some experience but who are interested in expanding the areas of the face they treat, as well as refining injection techniques to increase patient satisfaction.



Rejuvenation Beyond the Face

Featuring Poly-L-lactic Acid

> 2 years' experience with neuromodulators and dermal fillers

These workshops will provide advanced instruction on nonsurgical rejuvenation of the hands, neck, and chest/décolleté as well as body contouring with injectable poly-L-lactic acid and deoxycholic acid.

Curriculum will focus on: relevant anatomy, effective assessment, management of complications, and understanding treatment goals. This advanced course specializes in the use of injectable poly-L-lactic acid, neuromodulators, HA dermal fillers and deoxycholic acid.




A comprehensive, 2-day program featuring two anatomy labs, a variety of hands-on workshops, and a menu of relevant and practical electives to enrich your learning experience.

Don't forget to bring your FDA-approved, injectable agents (obtained from a valid US distributor) and your model for this hands-on session!